Serious games where YOU ARE THE HERO!

Our fun activities in which you are the hero are inspired by traditional escape games, but instead of being trapped in a room, you will instead have to help a character get out of a strange position. Only people who can demonstrate openness, collaboration and creativity will succeed in becoming the hero of the adventure!

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Sam is a prisoner... strangely, he is stuck, tied to a bed. Just minutes after a rough awakening, his phone rings. With the help of Siri, he manages to answer the call. He then realizes that his marriage is in jeopardy! Which team from your organization will be able to set Sam free?

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35,00 $

Web Captive

Absorbed by his screen, Luka has been captured by a hacker! To help him return to the real world, your students will need to use creativity and cleverness to tackle various challenges. Will they be able to succeed in the tasks presented to save Luka before it's too late?

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45,00 $


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