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Escape Game HANGOVER

Sam is a prisoner… oddly, he’s stuck, tied to a bed. Just a few minutes after a rough awakening, his phone rings. With Siri’s help, he manages to answer the call. That’s when he realizes his marriage is in jeopardy!


Minimum purchase of 3 keys ($105). Keys valid for 60 days after purchase.

How does it work?


Unique scenarios that combine intrigue and humor to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

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We immerse you in an intriguing scenario through a series of exclusive videos that will lead you to puzzles and challenges that will take you out of your comfort zone. Be aware, time is limited!

Activate your neurons, be observant, logical, and creative. If needed, hints are available. Collaboration is essential to have a chance at becoming the hero.

Whether you solve the puzzle or not, continue the experience more than once by moving on to the next video!


Choose a captivating activity served on a silver platter!

Every step has been designed so that the organizer can have as much fun as their colleagues in experiencing it!

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Add an activity to provide your colleagues with a memorable and highly entertaining experience! A simple, flexible, and user-friendly process.

Form teams and distribute activation keys. Automated emails are ready to be sent, it’s not complicated, we promise!

On the big day, welcome the participants and kick off the game by announcing its start. May the best team win!

After the activity, discover the heroes, their scores, and highlights through a leaderboard and a photo album of memories.

A game that gets people talking!

Our Ambassadors

Let’s Look Out for Each Other

We used the immersive experience to promote team cohesion, etc., and quickly saw the benefits of employee participation. Any company looking to promote inclusion and employee well-being/business objectives should integrate this activity.

Play for a good cause

Until December 15th, a $10 donation

is made to the Saint-Jérôme Hospital Foundation for each participation.


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Access to theGame Zone

You must have your Eurekode, previously purchased from our game store, in hand

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