Build bridges, illuminate lives!


Nous créons des jeux immersifs pour vous offrir un environnement plus connecté, compréhensif et bienveillant, mais aussi plus créatif, performant et inspirant.

We create immersive games to provide you with a more connected, understanding, and compassionate environment, as well as a more creative, high-performing, and inspiring one.

Collaboration - Courage - Well-being - Commitment - Creativity

Build bridges

Refers to the action of creating connections between people or groups who may be separated by cultural, social, economic, or even geographical differences. It involves overcoming barriers and obstacles to promote communication, cooperation, and collaboration.

Illuminate lives

Can be achieved through encouragement, inspiration, assistance, and sharing. The underlying idea is that our positive actions can have a significant impact on the lives of others, metaphorically lighting up their lives.

Eureka Concept is a creator of virtual immersive adventures designed for all puzzle and challenge enthusiasts.

Beyond mere entertainment, we aspire to positively impact our society by fulfilling our mission: building bridges, illuminating lives! Playing is easy, simply choose the distributor of our activities closest to you and let us guide you through a captivating experience!

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The humans behind Eureka Concept

Jessica Allocca

Jessica Allocca is the driving force behind the project. Determined, she demonstrates immense leadership to ensure the achievement of the goals she sets for herself. With the ability to dream big and solve nearly any problem she faces, she loves taking care of those around her.
She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Special Education. She is a passionate serial entrepreneur. After co-founding Accent Éducation, a web platform connecting parents and professionals, and Évade-toi St-Jérôme, an entertainment company specializing in escape games, she decided to explore new opportunities.
Her creativity and her desire to make more people happy led her to establish a new venture, Eureka Concept, in March 2021. Her ambition and vision are valuable assets for the company’s growth. And let it be known, her sense of humor makes her a pleasure to work with!

Marc-Étienne Lavoie

Marc-Étienne Lavoie proves to be an indispensable partner in the genesis and realization of our activities. His contribution extends far beyond the aesthetics of the projects, as his creativity and expertise in the field of education enrich them in an exceptional way.
Endowed with multiple talents, he plays a crucial role in pushing the boundaries of various concepts, thus offering increasingly enriching and stimulating gaming experiences. His involvement is a true source of inspiration for our team, greatly contributing to the ongoing development of our educational initiatives.

The Story of Eureka Concept

I went from being a special education teacher to becoming the Founder of Eureka Concept! Who would have believed it? Certainly not me! And yet! I initially wanted to become a Mother Teresa and go on humanitarian missions, but dealing with blood and emergencies was not for me. I love taking care of people. I enjoy seeing the beauty in each one of us and contributing to the collective well-being.
Working with children who have learning difficulties is magical. It’s a unique experience that allowed me to meet fantastic little humans filled with potential and surprises. Sometimes, their potential is unfortunately buried deep within them, overshadowed by a poor perception of their worth. Children with incredible talents! Sadly, we often forget to nurture some of them because they don’t quite fit our current societal standards. We don’t want a society of identical copies. We need diversity, these hidden strengths. They may be highly specialized in certain individuals and less conventional, but they hold immeasurable value. Be attentive, and you’ll be surprised to discover all the talent that resides there, even among young people facing more significant educational challenges.
I love finding creative and fun ways to help children learn better. Encouraging them to cultivate their intellectual curiosity, that little voice in the back of their minds that constantly seeks to know more. What’s more beautiful than wanting to open up to the world to better understand it, all for the pure joy of it!
After trying various entrepreneurial ventures, but more importantly, having the courage to believe in my own potential, I embarked on the Eureka Concept adventure. Why not go beyond my classroom? I wanted to help even more people become aware of their worth. It’s about creating a world with more openness, kindness, and acceptance of differences.


The analogy of the letters representing people collaborating to exit the box together evokes a striking image of cooperation and collective efforts in the pursuit of innovative solutions. In the context of the ‘Eureka’ concept, this notion takes on an even deeper meaning.
Originating from ancient Greek and literally meaning ‘I have found it!’ ‘Eureka’ embodies that precious moment of discovery when a solution emerges suddenly and enlighteningly, sparking enthusiasm and satisfaction.
In the world of business and innovation, ‘Eureka’ carries a profound significance. It symbolizes powerful insight and creative thinking that give rise to groundbreaking ideas and thriving businesses. This concept can motivate those seeking inspiration and innovation, symbolizing the relentless pursuit of knowledge and creativity to continually evolve and push boundaries.
Thriving companies and startups integrate the principle of ‘Eureka’ at the core of their endeavors, always in search of new ideas and ways to enhance their offerings. In an ever-evolving world, the concept of ‘Eureka’ remains a compass for entrepreneurial and creative minds, inspiring them to maintain their momentum and realize their boldest aspirations.


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