Through an exclusive story inspired by escape games but presented in the form of a short film, we immerse you in a world of puzzles and challenges, where you’ll need to work as a team to accomplish a mission!

Save a character from a peculiar situation

Embrace the diversity of your students' talents

Raise awareness about the dangers of the digital world

Problem-solve in a fun and different way

School activity

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Absorbed by his screen, Luka has been captured by a hacker! To help him return to the real world, your students will need to use creativity and cleverness to…

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A school activity that helps develop problem-solving skills and explore the creative process while raising awareness among learners about digital issues.

School activity

Ideal for celebrating the beginning or end of the school year and allowing students of all levels to have a unifying and inspiring experience.

Classroom activity

Perfect for starting a discussion and engaging students of all levels in skill development, but in a playful context.

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With our school activities, offer your students a unique experience to develop skills in a different way while raising awareness about digital issues.

Take your elementary school students on a surprising adventure to awaken their curiosity and creativity, as well as their problem-solving and collaboration skills.

Your students must navigate the web safely. They are exposed to many pitfalls, and it’s essential to reinforce best practices. Choose ready-made awareness activities.


This activity could potentially be funded through the ICT budget or even the school budget as part of a mass activity. Check with your colleagues for more information!

How does it work?


Unique scenarios that combine intrigue and humor to put a smile on everyone's faces.

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Immerse yourself in an intriguing scenario by watching an exclusive video that will lead you to a challenge!

Activate your creativity and be open to collaborate in order to complete the challenge presented.

Enhance the fun by customizing the level of difficulty to match your class.

Complete the challenge, then continue the adventure with the next challenge by watching the subsequent video!


Because we know that time is a precious commodity, our activities are designed to make your life easier.

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Book an activity to provide your colleagues and your school’s students with a memorable and highly entertaining experience!

Form teams and distribute activation keys. Automated emails are ready to be sent to all your colleagues. It’s not complicated, we promise!

On the big day, welcome the participants and kick off the game by announcing its start. May the best team win!

After the activity, present the winners and highlights with a leaderboard and a ready-made photo album of memories.

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