Through an exclusive story inspired by escape games but presented in the form of a short film, we immerse you in a world of puzzles and challenges, where you’ll need to work as a team to accomplish a mission!

An innovative game where everyone becomes a HERO.

Save a character from a peculiar situation

Unearth your leaders and hidden talents

Mobilize your teams in mental health awareness and prevention

Enable a donation for a vital cause


Hangover105,00 $

Sam is a prisoner... strangely, he is stuck, tied to a bed. Just minutes after a rough awakening, his phone rings. With the help of Siri, he manages to answer…

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A team-building activity that generates positive and lasting impacts, but above all, offers a simple opportunity to enhance enjoyment at all your events!

Corporate Party

Ideal for celebrating the start or end of the school year, allowing students of all levels to have a unifying and inspiring experience.

Team Meetings

Perfect for setting the stage or engaging participants in an in-person or remote team meeting!

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Discover your colleagues and illuminate hidden talents, all in a fun atmosphere that will boldly propel you out of your comfort zone.



Because we know that time is a precious commodity, our activities are designed to make your life easier!


A flexible formula that’s just as fun in person as it is virtually!

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Unique scenarios that combine intrigue and humor to put a smile on everyone's faces.

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We immerse you in an intriguing scenario through a series of exclusive videos that will lead you to puzzles and challenges that will take you out of your comfort zone. Be aware, time is limited!

Activate your neurons, be observant, logical, and creative. If needed, hints are available. Collaboration is essential to have a chance at becoming the hero.

Whether you solve the puzzle or not, continue the experience more than once by moving on to the next video!


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Form teams and distribute activation keys. Automated emails are ready to be sent, it’s not complicated, we promise!

On the big day, welcome the participants and kick off the game by announcing its start. May the best team win!

After the activity, discover the heroes, their scores, and highlights through a leaderboard and a photo album of memories.

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Achieving a common goal within a team is a demanding endeavor, often marked by a diversity of opinions and skills. However, this diversity is precisely what fuels the creativity and productivity of the company. Each team member brings a unique set of talents, experiences, and perspectives, creating a fertile environment for innovation. As noted by McKinsey, companies that actively encourage creative discussions and capitalize on the wealth of this diversity generally see a significant improvement in their results. By working together despite the challenges inherent in complexity, teams can fully leverage their collective potential, achieve ambitious goals, and contribute to the growth and success of the company. Train to become better!

Valuing diversity and inclusion within a company can have a positive impact on innovation, creativity, and the overall performance of the organization. In this activity, participants are deliberately pushed out of their comfort zone. Stripped of their usual references, they are encouraged to be creative and collaborative in solving the puzzles presented to them. Openness to a diversity of ideas is a major asset, as it accelerates progress in the quest for solutions. Each of these puzzles requires specific skills, and the greater the diversity of participants’ talents, the higher their chances of success.

  • Fosters creativity and innovation: Diverse teams are often more creative because they bring a variety of perspectives, experiences, and skills.
  • Reduces biases and discrimination: Teambuilding activities that celebrate diversity can help raise awareness among employees about unconscious biases and discrimination. By highlighting the benefits of diversity, they promote a more inclusive and equal work environment.
  • Attracts and retains talent: Companies that promote diversity and inclusion are often seen as attractive employers. They can more easily attract and retain talent from diverse backgrounds, which can strengthen their competitive advantage.
  • Enhances the company's reputation: Companies that emphasize diversity and inclusion through teambuilding activities enhance their reputation with customers, business partners, and society at large. This can have a positive impact on their brand image.

A strong company culture is not just an asset; it’s the heart of our organization. It defines who we are, what we believe in, and how we behave every day. That’s why it is of crucial importance.

By participating in the activity, members of your team go beyond their usual work environment. They get to know each other, appreciate their unique skills, and build strong bonds. The activity’s format, with its challenges, puzzles, and time constraints, fosters a high level of engagement and highlights participants’ natural leadership while stimulating their willingness to collaborate and help each other.

Quickly, it becomes evident that effective collaboration is essential for success. This realization builds trust and fosters the development of strong relationships within the team. Members feel socially supported, strengthening their commitment to the company.

Furthermore, by offering your employees the opportunity to have fun while working together, your company demonstrates a culture focused on respect, recognition, and healthy performance. This helps boost employee engagement and create a positive and productive work environment.

  • Unify the team: It brings our employees together around a common vision. It promotes cohesion and commitment to our goals.
  • Attracts top talent: A strong company culture is a magnet for professionals who share our values. It helps us recruit and retain the best talent.
  • Boosts productivity: It creates an environment where employees feel valued, which motivates them and improves their performance.
  • Reduces recruitment costs: When the company culture is strong, employees are more satisfied with their work and less likely to seek opportunities elsewhere. This reduces the costs associated with recruiting new employees to fill vacancies.
  • Savings on training: Employees who stay longer in the company tend to be more experienced and skilled in their field. This means the company can save on the costs of training and onboarding new employees.
  • Improves productivity: Employees loyal to the company are often more productive because they have a better understanding of the company, its processes, and its values. This can result in more efficient resource utilization and higher profitability.
  • Less time wasted in transition: Employee turnover can lead to significant time loss during the transition between departures and new hires. A strong company culture helps reduce this time loss and maintain operational continuity.

Stimulating complex problem-solving skills through collaborative activities can have several positive impacts, both on individuals and the company itself. The improvement of complex problem-solving skills: Activities that focus on complex problem-solving allow participants to develop and enhance their skills in analysis, creativity, decision-making, and problem-solving. They learn to approach complex challenges systematically.

  • Time management improvement: Complex problem-solving often requires careful planning and effective time management. Participants develop time management skills and prioritization.
  • Increased self-confidence: By overcoming complex challenges, participants gain confidence in their abilities to solve difficult problems. This can have a positive impact on their self-esteem.
  • Reduced errors and costs: The complex problem-solving skills acquired through these activities can be applied in the real workplace, which can reduce errors, improve operational efficiency, and potentially reduce costs.