A successful back-to-school party should be memorable, unifying and fun for everyone! Here are 3 great group activities for a festive and noteworthy back-to-school!

Virtual challenge games: a must to discover!

Virtual school games are all the rage! These highly entertaining activities are designed to stimulate creativity and foster collaborative thinking in a fun atmosphere! Students are in the thick of the action in these intriguing scenarios and are challenged to use their ingenuity and perseverance to overcome various challenges.

In addition to being affordable, the virtual school games are inclusive and designed for all elementary school grades. Turnkey and easy to organize, they are an excellent springboard for teaching and raising awareness on various subjects. Rain or sunshine, no plan B is necessary! Check out the different options offered by Eureka Concept : Virtual school games for a successful back to school party

The raffle : a great classic!

Take advantage of the nice weather in August to organize a great raffle outdoors! Raffle means crazy games of skill, Olympics-style sports challenges, inflatable games and a face painting booth!

The raffle is an active and exciting outdoor event that will get students from kindergarten to grade 6 moving. The inflatables alone are a sure bet!

Outdoor activities are of course at the mercy of Mother Nature! To avoid a flop in case of rain, you need to have a back-up plan. Inflatables and other games and challenge stations can certainly be set up in the gym. With this limited space in mind, a schedule will need to be set up and access to the party will need to be provided on a class-by-class or grade-by-grade basis. In a COVID context, sanitary measures and disinfection of equipment will have to be respected.

Be careful with budget planning: the costs of a raffle can go up quickly!

Discovery activity of board sports : to get the adrenaline going!

Board sports are gaining in popularity with the recent inclusion of skateboarding and surfing in the Olympic Games. Book your discovery activity of board sports in which introductory courses and demonstration shows will delight all age groups! A turnkey activity, professional and safe for schools that care about physical activity and updating their school environment according to the interests of today’s youth. Qualified trainers and equipment provided!

In case of bad weather, it is possible to move most of the activity to the gym. Since very few companies specialize in this type of service and the back-to-school dates are condensed into a very short period of time, it is important to think about booking well in advance!

Check out the unique services of Adrénaline Urbaine, the leader in board sports in Quebec : Discovering board sports in schools

Happy back to school day to all the staff and students!